Standard Poodle Breeders

Standard Poodle Breeders in California

Ellgi's Poodles
Lori Garber
Modesto, California
Phone: 209-996-7994
Web Site:
Photo: CH Safari's What Lola Wants
CH Safari's What Lola Wants

Ellgi's Poodles are bred to excel as Show Dogs and as Companions. We breed for Health, temperament, and structure, using only Champion titled Poodles. They live with us on our ranch in California's Central Valley. It is my deep admiration of this breed and desire to promote it through responsibly breeding healthy well structured sound Poodles. Through careful breeding we aim to have healthy Poodles, beautiful enough to catch your breath, intelligent enough to startle you, athletic enough to love a challenge, with a loving caring nature leaving one speechless.

Health Screening: OFA hip & elbow x-ray, SA skin punch, CERF, bloodwork for thyroid, vWD clear by parentage.

My Poodles whose test results can be confirmed:
Safari's What Lola Wants
Ellgi's Top Of The Mark

Grandeur Standard Poodles
Phyllis Blair
Vacaville, California
Phone: 707-446-7995
Web Site Address:
Grandeur Standard Poodles
Health Screening: Yes
Grandeur Standard Poodles

We are a small kennel, breeding quality Standard Poodles for both the show ring and the pet home. Our goal is to be the best, not the biggest. We are extremely proud of our dogs accomplishments including those who have gone on to be devoted and beloved family pets. Our poodles are not kennel dogs. From the moment they are whelped, they live in our home and are tenderly raised to be loving, well socialized members of the family.

The development of a line of Standard Poodles takes patience, vision, and a commitment to the breed. We work toward improving the breed, one generation at a time. We have structured our breeding program with this goal in mind. We plan our breedings carefully with dogs who have been tested to be clear of genetic problems, who are Champions and who have great temperaments. Breeding poodles is an honor and a privilege. It is our passion, not our business!

Puppies sold as companion dogs are sold with limited registration and require spay/neuter contracts. They are still AKC registered purebred standard poodles, however, they cannot be bred. This is how the reputable breeders protect their breeding programs from misuse. Please visit our website and meet our poodle family.

Moonstruck Poodles
Breeder of Merit
Eleni Stevens
Lakeside, California
Phone: 619-405-6040, Fax: 619-328-0742


Breeding Standard and Miniature Poodles of Quality and Good Health. Our primary concerns are sound health, temperament and conformation. Our puppies are born in the home, raised to be part of the family, tails docked long, front dew claws removed, vet checked, wormed (more than once!), initial shots, microchipped and come with a health guarantee. We do AKC and UKC Conformation showing, obedience training and CGC certification. Our dogs are AKC registered. Our Poodle Parents are OptiGen tested for PRA, DNA tested for vWD, CERF tested for Eye Health, OFA tested for Knees and Hips, Child tested for Temperament, and our Poodle Puppies are Hugged and Spoiled from Birth... We do NOT ship our puppies. Be prepared to come meet the parents and pick up your puppy.

Health Screening: Optigen for prcd-PRA, Vetgen for vWD, OFA hips and knees, OFA cardiac, CERF/OFA annual eye exams, OFA thyroid, DNA for osteochondrodysplasia (dwarfism)

My Poodles whose test results can be confirmed: 
Ch Eleni's Moonstruck Confidential, CHIC
Ch Cabryn Triple Platinum, CHIC
Ch Sisco Moonstruck's Playing for Keeps CGC, CHIC 
Eleni's Venti Caramel Frappuccino, CHIC 
Sisco's Man of Style Loved by Eleni CGC, CHIC 
Sisco's Divine Miss M for Moonstruck, CHIC

Noriko Poodles
Noriko Hollis
Northridge, California
Phone: 818-326-6222
Web Site:
Noriko Poodles
Health Screening: O.F.A, CERF, V.W.D

My Poodles whose test results can be confirmed:
Splendid Black Beauty Bridgette/PR06978607/standard
Amandi's Splendid Rachel/PR09088407/standard
Kallista's Taken For Granite/PR05900702/standard
Tristen Sterling JR/PR01884101/standard
Kallista's Jewel At Splendid/PR10537604/miniature
Noriko's Front Paige News By Kallista/PR13574203/miniature
Noriko Poodles

Norikopoodles are located in sunny Southern California raising both standard and miniature poodles. Our goal is to produce correct and sound poodles by the breed standard that can enter the show ring and also have the best of health and temperament so they will bring many years of happiness to their companions.

All of my dogs are tested before the breeding and can verify by O.F.A and hard copies. Our puppies are raised inside of our home getting lots of attention and love. They are socialized with both children and adults, get regular grooming, and start house and crate training before they leave. They are fed top quality foods and we believe in keeping vaccines to a minimum. We do temperament testing at 7 weeks old for best placement, and will always be available to those who have one of our puppies.

Regaliz Poodles

Kandice Mitchell, Phone: 323-719-7642
Henderson, Nevada

Kerry Mitchell, Phone: 213-595-7542

Regaliz Poodles

Health Screening: Hip Dysplasia-(OFA/Penn Hip), CERF-(eyes/Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) refers to a group of diseases affecting the retina at the back of the eye), Cardica-Congenital heart diseases in dogs are malformations of the heart or great vessels, DM- Degenerative Myelopathy, LCP Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease (LCP) is a disorder of hip joint conformation, NEwS-Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures is a fatal disease of the brain in newborn Standard Poodles, vWD (Von Willebrand's disease) is an inherited bleeding disorder, Thyroid- Complete Panel.

Regaliz Poodles

We are two sisters who were drawn to dog shows at an early age. We share a passion for improving both conformation and working abilities of dogs. Our goal is to preserve and improve the standard poodle, specifically the less common red standard poodle.

Our beloved poodles are tested for hereditary defects that occur in the breed. We have a firm belief in breeding dogs that are healthy, happy, and sound in body and temperament. We will not compromise form over function!

Our poodles are family to us, and we emphasize the importance of socialization during a puppy's upbringing and throughout a their life. As such, we will not keep our dogs outside in a kennel for long periods of time. The majority of their life are in our home with us. We adhere to AKC standards in conformation while above all valuing healthy and happy results.

Tiara Black Standard Poodles
Kirk and Julie Borst Reed
5514 La Jolla Blvd
La Jolla, California 92037
Phone: 858-488-9500
Web Site:
Tiara Black Standard Poodles, AM CH, IABCA Int CH, UKC GRCH Tiara Nexus (CHIC)
UKC GRCH Tiara Nexus (CHIC)
Photo by Tom Bruni
Health Screening: Yes

We use the following Health Screening procedures: No Shortcuts! Standard Poodle CHIC requirements accomplished on all dogs to be used for breeding, OFA evaluation and/or PennHip evaluation, YEARLY CERF evaluations and results registered, Autoimmune thyroiditis OFA evaluation from an approved laboratory, Sebaceous Adenitis OFA evaluation by approved lab.

ADDITIONALLY - most dogs of modern times bred by Tiara are also given these health screenings with results registered on Patella, Shoulders, von Williebrands DNA, Cardiac and we are beginning to donate DNA Samples for Canine Health Research through CHIC.

We have given Personality Profiles to three generations. Important is what we do to maintain health and that includes rearing the dogs on a no grain diet, limiting vaccines and caring for the dogs holistically. All of our personal dogs are kept in beautiful condition and professionally groomed several times each month.

A record 40 Std Pdls have been designated CHIC that were bred by Tiara Poodles; the first of these over six generations ago was born in 1984. Only dogs designated CHIC have been used since for breeding by Tiara. The following are CHIC dogs bred by Tiara and to be considered for future breedings within this next decade either by Tiara Poodles or the co-owners or owners of the dogs: Am Ch Tiara Quentin Jack (NJ), GRCH Tiara Windsor Dot Com (AZ), GRCH Tiara Zanita (CA), U-Ch Tiara Bonita Mia (CA), UWP, GRCH Kirley Alatiara Clarabella (CA), UWP, GRCH Tiara D'Aire (CA), GRCH Tiara Frappuccina (CA), U-Ch Tiara Gigi (AZ), GRCH Tiara Ivan (CA), GRCH Tiara Jett Rocks (CA), U-Ch Tiara Jovita (CA), Tiara Karma of Belcanto (CA) our 40th CHIC!, GRCH Tiara Loreili (CA), Tiara Lucas (CA), AM CH/UKC GRCH Tiara Nexus (CA), GRCH Tiara Obla-di, Obla-da (CA), GRCH Tiara Paris Sez That's Hot (CA) our 41st CHIC! and posting as CHIC next month: Tiara Phoebe Fabulous. Special thanks for the great cooperation of all the Tiara co-owners for helping to "Maintain our Standards!"

CLICK HERE to view CHIC qualified Standard Poodles bred by or in part by Julie Borst Reed, Tiara Standard Poodles.

Tiara Black Standard Poodles


Leading the Poodle breed in health screenings achieved and registered, Julie and Kirk Reed of Tiara Black Standard Poodles challenge other Poodle Breeders to accomplish at least the basic CHIC health screenings always before breeding their Poodles. Currently breeding the sixth generation of Tiara CHIC designated Standard Poodles, the Reeds place a great concern for increased/maintained longevity averages in their line of handsome, winning Poodles.

CHIC is an acronym for Canine Health Information Center and every shopper of any breed of dog or cat should be made aware of the great information that can be gleaned from that database.

The Tiara Poodles are reared holistically and the breeders are currently feeding the third generation fed a raw diet. New owners are encouraged to rear their dogs the same and there is an extensive network or "clan" as they refer to themselves of the Tiara Poodle owners.

Public education is a primary focus and new fanciers are encouraged to become involved in dog sports. The Tiara Poodles are very athletic and can be seen winning in agility trials in several regions of the United States.

Coefficiencies of inbreeding (COIs) are produced at under 6 % for 10 generations at Tiara. The average in Std Pdls is now at or just over 20% for 10 generations. The Std Pdl gene pool is thought to be shrinking.

There are many interesting links to study on all the above subjects at

Windsong Standard Poodles
Paddy Berne
Cordelia, California
Phone: 707-863-0766

Windsong Standard Poodles


At Windsong, we have had standard poodles as members of our family for over 40 years. Our hobby is training poodles, with a concentration on competing in hunt tests; they are one of the most versatile breeds, and are happiest when they are doing something with their owners. Windsong standard poodles have competed for and received titles in field (hunting), obedience, agility and tracking, as well as serving as therapy dogs. We breed an occasional litter of red and apricot puppies, concentrating on health, temperament and potential for performance success. Windsong puppies are socialized to people, including children, and other dogs and cats. They are exposed to birds in the nest and get to try swimming at 6-7 weeks. They make wonderful pets and are well-suited to any activities their owners may wish to pursue. All puppies are sold on limited registration - they cannot be bred, but may compete in any dog sport except conformation.


Health Screening: Hips X-rayed (OFA), eyes certified (CERF) yearly, blood test for thyroid (OFA), testing for DM (degenerative myelopathy) by DNA, von Willebrand's clear by parentage (genetic testing)

My Poodles whose test results can be confirmed: 
Lidos I Love Lucy, CDX, RN, NA, NAJ, JH, WCX 
CH Lidos Chimera Harley-Davidson, UDX, OA, AXJ, WC, TT, TDI
Samali Isabelle, UDX, TDX, AX, AXJ, VCD3, TT, TDI
Feldspar Dream On at Windsong, JH, WCX

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