Standard Poodle Breeders

Standard Poodle Breeders
in New Hampshire

Fraya Katz
Hollis, New Hampshire
Phone: 603-465-2774
Fax: 603-465-6693
Web Site:
Health Screening: OFA hips, cardio, SA, Thyroid, CERF eyes, Vetgen VWD, NE. I will not breed a dog or bitch unless he/she has OFA Good or Excellent hips.

All of my dogs have had the tests available at the time they were tested.
My Poodles whose test results can be confirmed include:
Ch Ariel Heat Wave
Ch Ariel AD Astra
Ch Ariel Up, Up and Away
Ariel Bali Hi
Ariel Enter Esme
Ariel Black Magic
Ch Halcyon Mandrake
Ch Ariel Ace of Hearts
Ariel Purple Haze (Being shown)
Kaylen's Ariel (Being shown)

Thirty four years ago I bought my first standard and I knew I had found my breed. I came from obedience, and performance events are still important in the shaping of my line, but I also wanted to breed this extraordinary canine. So Ariel Kennels came into existence.

I put great emphasis on the science of genetics and attend seminars and lectures. And the breed ring is not the only place our dogs shine. We have dogs with titles in obedience, rally, agility, hunting, retrieving and herding as well as handy dogs for people with disabilities.

I am designated a Breeder of Merit by AKC and have bred over 40 champions. Among the many titles Ariel dogs have earned in performance is the AKC gold medal for breeding the youngest Standard Poodle to earn a MACH in Agility.

Puppies born in my house have a scientifically enriched start in life including the neonatal stimulation program developed for the US Armed Forces K-9 program; Eat a home-cooked diet; and are exposed to all the stimulation of family life including children and are well on their way to being housebroken. We have only one litter at a time and only two litters a year so that a huge amount of attention is focused on that litter.

All sires and dams are tested for hips, eyes, SA,VWD, NE, cardio and other disorders as problems in lines dictate.

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