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Canzone Standard Poodles
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Gracie (Am Champion Canzone Di Grazia, DOB- May 13, 2011) CHIC

Trudy (Am Champion Safari’s Canzone Di Verita, DOB- April 26, 2008) CHIC

Health Screening: At Canzone Standard Poodles, Gracie and Trudy are our current breeding bitches. They have each cleared veterinarian recommended genetic health tests for Standard Poodles. (Please see the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals web site that confirms the results of their tests).

Canzone is Italian for "song.” We like the name for many reasons, one being that our Standard Poodles put songs in our lives each day. Plus, one of us is an opera buff!

We are a family of two grown men named Geoff and Jeff, and five Standard Poodles, all females. When Geoff and I first became a family in 1995, Geoff also came with two dogs--one a standard poodle named Tucker. Every since then, we both love the breed. We adore our Poodles who live in our home, and who actively participate in our daily family life.

I decided I wanted to breed Standard Poodles, and now that I am retired from education administration, I am handling Standard Poodles in show competitions. With support from friends, I finished Goldie’s (Canzone Di Speranza) American Championship last year. Goldie and her full littermate sister Gracie came from our second litter.

Our commitment is to total responsibility in breeding the best Standard Poodles. To get to this point, we have had much mentoring and assistance from Dr. Cynthia Huff of Safari Standard Poodles, Illinois, as we purchased both of our original breeding bitches from her. Cynthia has bred top quality standard poodles on a solid record of pedigree and health for over 40 years.

As responsible breeders who support the Poodle Club of America ethics, we only breed healthy dogs with completely cleared health checks-- no compromise. We breed dogs with outstanding temperaments who are confident, friendly, intelligent, and easily trained.  

We have bred four successful, healthy litters of puppies since 2010, and we plan on two litters in 2015. Inquiries are welcome from those who truly want a well-bred and top quality Standard Poodle!

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