eSAGey Poodles
eSAGey Poodles
Shelley Greene

Chelsea, Michigan

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eSAGey Poodles is located 10 minutes south of Stockbridge, Michigan. We are situated on 3.5 acres where there is plenty of room for our dogs to exercise and play. It is our philosophy to foster well-adjusted dogs by incorporating them into our family routine.

eSAGey Poodles came into existence out of my love for the breed and my standard poodle, Molly. Molly came from Aladiana Standard Poodles in Hillsdale, Michigan. With encouragement and invaluable mentoring from Diana Thomas of Aladiana Standard Poodles and Todd Patterson of Ravendune Poodles, I became increasingly interested in conformation, obedience and agility, handling my dogs as well as handling for other owner/breeders. Aladiana and Ravendune are the foundation for eSAGey Poodles, combining some of the best breeding in Michigan, if not the country. We are selective in the breeding process and dedicated to the breed. Thus, we do not routinely have litters throughout the year.

We guarantee our poodles for 2 years against hip dysplasia, sebaceous adenitis (SA), progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), and hypothyroidism. If one of these problems develops, we will refund the cost and, if requested, take the puppy back to live with us.

Stud service available to approved bitches. Brou produces black and brown.

Health Screening: Hips, Thyroid, Skin, CERF

My Poodles whose test results can be confirmed online:
Ch Ravendune Brouhaha RN
Aladiana's Esagey Best O Daz
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