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Shamong, New Jersey

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Excelling in quality dogs and breeding with a commitment to the breed, Firebrook offers beautiful standard poodles from our lovely American/Canadian Champion "VANNA" in cream/white and occasionally black/blue. Our miniature line is silver and sired by our Top Ten Miniature poodle American/Canadian CH Cabryn Lone Ranger.

All puppies are home raised with early stimulation to develop their personalities. They are started on top quality foods with holistic properties to maintain healthy immune systems and health testing is complete on all generations to assure healthy progeny.

We would like to share our dogs with you and invite you to become one of the family. We have carefully blended top show lines with care in keeping our co-efficient of inbreeding low.

Health Screening, Standards: OFA for hips, CERF, SA biopsy, von Willibrands gene test, Neonatalencephalopathy gene test, yearly lab testing for thyroid, renal, adrenal and hepatic disease as well as titering for distemper, parvo, etc...

Health Screening, Miniatures: DNA Optigen for PRA, yearly CERF, OFA for hips and lab work to asses thyroid, liver, renal and adrenal status.

My Poodles whose test results can be confirmed:

CH Dominion Take A Turn For Firebrook

CH Cabryn Lone Ranger

Firebrook Jersey Derby

Firebrook Ava Gardener

Windfall Believe N Firebrook

Firebrook Folly for Windfall, plus more...

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