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Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles, Am/Can Champion Pinafore Diamond Boulavardier
Am/Can Champion
Pinafore Diamond Boulavardier
Health Screening: Yes

At Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles, we complete health testing of all our poodles. We screen for Hips/Elbows (Xray), Cardiac (Exam) Thyroid (blood), Sebaceous Adenitis-S/A-(Skin Punch Testing for accurate oil secretion of the cutaneous glands for healthy lubrication of the body hair and skin), Eye exam (CERF/Annual), Addison's Disease (Annual Blood Draw to check Accurate Function of the Suprarenal Glands), Neo Natal Encephalopathy/Ataxia-N/E-by DNA(University of MO/Disease similar to Cerebral Palsy),von Willebrand's Disease-vWD- by DNA (vWD effects the gene that produces the clotting factor in the blood) and an Annual Blood Panel-CBC.

As Breeders, we test for known genetic health concerns and basic common health functions in our poodles, beginning with early CERF/eye exams and CBC panels on our puppies. Health testing of any kind is appropriate and warranted, but health issues are not always matters that are detectable early in a Standard Poodles life.

We have chosen our poodles from healthy, tested and proven lineage to increase the odds in a long, healthy and productive lives for all of our standard Poodles.

Because we believe so very strongly in what we do and this is our labor of love, we offer a lifetime genetic health guarantee on our poodles.

Should one of our puppies or adults develop a common genetic illness as diagnosed by a veterinary specialist, we will replace the puppy or refund the purchase price upon return of the puppy. If the puppy is not to be returned, we will refund 50% of the purchase price.

We believe in what we do and stand behind our poodles. We will always take back our poodles at anytime.

My Poodles whose test results can be confirmed online:

AM/CAN CH Pinafore Diamond Boulavardier AKC #PR02982501
Pinafore SeaSprite AKC # PP66587019
Pinafore Diamond Hail Storm AKC # PR05097701
Marquis Diamond Miss Conduct AKC # PR07579803
CAN CH Seransil's Diamond Diva AKC # PR02239101
Mithril Sheldon's Shenanigan's AKC # PP63000304
Mithril Diamond Deidra AKC # PR03761703
Mithril-Diamond Deuce Coupe AKC # PR08832514
Davight's Diamond Heart of the Ocean AKC # PR08511901

Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles

We Breed, Raise and Show Standard Poodles in Silver and Occasionally white. Our poodles are AKC/CKC Registered and completely health tested. We feed all of our poodles a hormone free, raw diet. Our puppies come with a lifetime genetic health guarantee from most genetic illnesses. Our puppies go to their new homes microchipped, groomed several times, crate and litter training started with a puppy layette too! We air ship from the Reno Nevada International Airport to most US States. We do encourage our puppy families to visit our home and meet our poodles. All are welcome. Please take a look at our webpage that tells all about us and our poodles. If you have any questions, please give us a call!

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