Standard Poodle Breeders
Stoney Brook
Sandra Cointreau
12 Church Street
Roxbury, Connecticut 06783
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Stoney Brook
Health Screening: Yes

I use the following Health Screening procedures: SA, RA, VW, NE and hips.

Stoney Brook

At Stoney Brook Farm, we operate the Earth Lodge Healing Center and also our Earth Lodge Animal Herbals company. We have been breeding one to two litters a year of Stoney Brook Standard Poodles for 15 years. We integrate our happy free-range poodles into our daily lives with our horses and family activities. We have a beautiful line of high quality pedigree. We show to check and confirm our quality of conformation and beauty, and support the breed standards. Our testing includes SA, hips, NE, RA, and VW, and we carefully study the genetic matching for each litter to optimize health and consistency of quality. For a happy healthy puppy in an energy-enriched environment, come for a visit.

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